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IQDGTL providing for you high quality of copywriting for any type of business category. our professional copywriting team have the knowledge to create for you copywriting services with the most SEO technic that request by google.

Copywriting for your business.

If you’re an owner of a business or a marketer, then you’ve likely encountered the term “copywriting” many times. What does it mean exactly by “copywriting? Copywriting (or in Hebrew words: concepts) can be described as the process of creating marketing text. It is the same word you will find everywhere you look. brands trying to market their services or products and convince prospective customers to act.

copywriting & SEO

Marketing text is known as “copy” in marketing and can include any creative or sales text that represents a brand regardless of whether it is on websites and blogs, social media channels advertisements videos, promotional materials and more.

Copywriting Where
  • Controlling the social media outlets (Facebook or Instagram accounts).
  • managing the brand pages managing brand pages on Facebook and creating posts.
  • Create photo slogans for posts stories, covers and posts.
  • Gantt’s Content Building for Social media.
  • Ideas for competitions and activities on the brand’s pages to improve the engagement of users.
  • Writing content for marketing on websites, as well as content for PR on portals.
  • Micro-copy creation (content to be used in online user interfaces intended to guide users to take action) for corporate websites or applications, and similar.
  • Texts for landing pages to write.
  • Create content for ads sponsored by advertisers in Google as well as Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Optimization is that involves a series of modifications are made to all levels of your website to enhance the efficiency of your website on search engines as well as generally.

In the event that we from IQGTL undertake this kind of process, we follow an integrated methodology that we’ve created and tested over time with outstanding results for the top businesses and brands as well as in the competitive fields.

Our method of operation assures you of running a thorough and comprehensive procedure that considers the entire site and results in continual improvement of outcomes.
Seo procces

Marketing Analysis

Setting business goals, identifying people to target, altering budgets and analyzing competitors and their activities within the particular field. This analysis is carried out in close collaboration with you, your customer.Research and definition of subjects and key terms that are needed and centered on the field of practice.The heart of the search engines lies the terms used by web surfers. The fundamental element of any effective optimization strategy is thorough search engine research. This study will help us determine the keywords and phrases we will concentrate on to ensure an effective amount of traffic to the website.We look at the site from the technical level to find of technical issues in the area of compatibility with search engines.

Applying Our Changes

The change implementation to your website will be carried out in a step-by-step manner and is supported by our complete support.We can help you establish prioritizations for the process of implementing the changes, and our expert team will be available to answer any questions or concern that may arise from the process.In any event it is essential to know that we will make our sure the modifications we are proposing are not detrimental to the experience of users on the website in any way. This is not at the level of technology or on the design level, and not even at the level of marketing or advertising communications of the business.Alongside the execution of the optimization recommendations and during the entire process, our experts in connectivity will design a powerful list of links for you.External connectivity is a thing that improves and develops in time There are many methods to improve and enhance its performance.

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