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Content Is The New Marketing

Content Is The New Marketing

When we talk about marketing content today that is, we don’t mean images-focused content, or content used primarily by public relations firms, however, we mean content Marketing Content Marketing – also known as marketing through content. In this day and age, where we are bombarded by advertising or marketing messages it is apparent that the perception is that consumers are incapable of absorbing more. Many times, the messages don’t reach him in the appropriate time and, even though it’s possible that, as a consumer, it is something that interests him, he’s not always attentive. Furthermore that, in the past , in order to sell a product on the internet, it was enough to say “what a great product this is” However, in the present by a quick glance through the information consumers are aware that he’s in a biased and uncertain position, which means that his time is over.

The strategy that works currently is through the use of Content Marketing. For instance, an advertisement who is trying offer us an headache medication must write a blog post on how to alleviate migraines. A potential buyer might not be able to purchase the product immediately however, he’ll be impressed by the information and from that point a bond of trust can grow between them.

When an advertiser is growing in the quality of its content and provides interesting and informative content that adds value and relationships are formed, they will develop and aspirations will grow into lasting relationships. Furthermore, on a day that increasing numbers of consumers are turning into regular customers of the same advertiser either by signing up to a newsletter or by liking the page on Facebook, an action dubbed “coloring” takes place through which the advertiser starts to reach out to his intended viewers.

What can be done to make this effective?

Let’s consider for instance”Israel Museum” as an example “Israel Museum”, where the advertiser publishes intriguing material on his website like reviews of art at a high-level and also videos of exhibits, and actually takes over the entire field and is the sole authority. Seven of these content don’t deal with the theme of it is an “Israel Museum”, but with general art-related content. All content will contain the following call-to-action and mention: “Come to the museum on the weekend, here is a link to a code or coupon and a discount.”


Which direction is wind that is blowing through Israeli industry?

There are a few businesses and companies in Israel today that produce interesting content marketing, or marketing that is worth your time. These companies don’t consider themselves to be publishing houses, but instead view this content as a publicity item and consequently the content isn’t interesting and appealing enough. This is certainly a part of education for the market. The first and most important thing is that companies should take content marketing into consideration as an integral component of their business plan and brand. For instance, a brand new Ice cream company that wishes to expand into market share in the Israeli market chooses to spend NIS 3 million on marketing and advertising via billboards and television. This is the default strategy. The best option is to put in only 1 million in video-based series and community development, and the rest of two million that he must invest in creating new product lines or upgrading current ones.

A fantastic example of how content marketing is a part of the company’s strategy is the one taken by Ben & Jerrys, when it launched a content marketing campaign and asked its customers to create flavor combinations for the brand. This is an excellent illustration of how the customer is not the main focus, but is engaged and part of the process, to become an integral element to the company’s brand.

Another aspect to pay attention to is the way to measure digitally. Many advertisers prefer to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements through exposure. The issue is that exposure is useless when it comes to measuring engagement of the audience. This means that exposures and likes are a more inaccurate measure, whereas sharing provides the best and most reliable measure, and is the best to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

In the end, If companies and brands wish to remain current over time they must consider content marketing seriously and implement it effectively and an hour prior! 

“The term “marketing content” differs from content marketing. While the first is focused on the use of aggressive and lyrical language, while the latter creates content with significance, that is an authentic and authentic link between the blogger and reader, so that a connection is established between the two. This can happen for many reasons. The writing is long and focuses on an extremely specific area and with time a significant relationship and trust is established by the reader to the writer. It’s not about Blake or fame or status.

Content marketing is based on the largest common denominator. It is comparable to a scenario where you toss a business card flyer to see who is caught the attention of content marketing, which focuses on the movements of a highly concentrated and well-informed the audience. As a blogger, I must to know my readers as much as I know my own palm. People want to be able to read the blog posts and he is a significant and prominent persona. This means that the blog posts must be a reflection of his genetics. In the event that I create content in a fake way , and not in accordance with my DNA , my readers will notice it right away and this could cause serious harm for the relationships.

However, when I teach small and medium-sized business owners on how to write blogs, I always refer to it as content with value , not content for marketing. The issue is that small-sized businesses copy the large brands, who are not required to create content marketing. I tell them that quality content is information that is available to business and individual owners as well. It is a word that has power and can attract customers, but also turn them off. If a customer interacts with his reader on offline, the most significant compliment they can receive can be “you sound just like you write”. There’s a connection between the online and real world which is why it’s not worth the risk of faking.

It is essential to build the quality of the relationship, not just the quantity of readers. This is what generates the amount for my company and my long-term relationship. Bloggers create loyal communities by sharing their content, because they can engage, excite and inspire the reader to take engage in.

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