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Digital & E-shop Services


Let Us Do It For U.

We at IQDGTL are experts in creating a custom business plan for each client depending on their needs for business and target audience, and, of course, budget.

Google? Facebook? Maybe a TikTok? Every customer is provided with the characterization files that will require them to answer. 

Then when we know the whole picture, we’ll be able to create an overall business plan in the medium, short and long-term.

Together, we’ll identify the origin of the targeted groups and then take the appropriate steps to engage them and expand the customer base of the company.

Our Formula For Media Management .

How do you find the secrets behind the biggest websites? How can you increase your profits? How can you make it to the first page of Google?

IQDGTL offers a wide range of Internet marketing solutions for companies across all industries and all sizes.

We consolidate all digital marketing capabilities to market your business in one location.

Our goal is to provide your business with everything you need to improve exposure, leads , and sales.


E-commerce Brand Maker.

Become an eCommerce Startup.

An important revenue channel that must not be given up.The division of the products into categories and discount, inventory management tracking, and other sophisticated options.

It is crucial to know from the customer what is the objective of the website, the goals of the marketing, and to be aware of the user’s actions on the site and generallyIn this day and age whatever you offer, 

The majority of people around the globe is purchasing goods online and, according to all forecasts, in coming years, 

more and more customers will conduct everything they shop at their computer at home, or at work.

2022 crucial to use SEO.

The shift towards digital technology and increasing competition has companies to be promoted through Google result pages. 

Promotion on Google results in massive exposure to a targeted users, searching for keywords specifically related to the business.

These are the results which are sustained over time and benefit the website as well as the business for several years in the future, 

with little periodic maintenance and, in some instances, without maintenance! 

It is a crucial element of an online marketing strategy for companies.


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