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Ads on the link

It is possible to create post-link advertisements on Instagram that direct users to your website. A clicking on the photo will activate the Read button with the force of it and pressing on it will direct the user directly on your website. In the past , prior to this technology, users clicked on the image only to go directly to the website and had a high rate of abandonment.

Here’s an example advertisements that refer to Facebook However, they have a lot of resemblance to Facebook advertisements:


Carousel ads

You can today create link ads (with or without video) that combine several images that point to the site (or to install an app), scrolling right or left will reveal additional images:

Today you can also create video ads on Instagram (up to 60 seconds) that point to the site (you can not just promote video), also here, it is recommended to adapt the video to Instagram with a square format and not just with a rectangular format

Here is an example of a beautiful ad:


Video advertisements

In the present, you can also create videos for ads on Instagram (up up to sixty minutes) that link to the website (you cannot just promote a videos) In addition it is advised to convert the video for Instagram in an equilateral format, and not just an rectangular format.

Here’s an example an amazing ad:


Lead ads

Lead ads are advertisements which when you click on them will open an online form that contains details about the person who is using them in a second click, which then sends the information to you as an advertiser, over the past month, leads ads also made it to Instagram and here’s an example of ads that have been successful:


How do you make an advertisement for Stories on Instagram

Stories on Instagram is a collection of videos and photos similar to Snapchat and is featured on the feed on Instagram The feature is extremely popular among young people.

The current advertising is limited to pictures or videos, and without hyperlinks to the website or conversions, and also without installation of apps.

What does an advertisement look like? Stories:

instagram story

How to build an ad:

In the campaign type, choose a Reach campaign:

instagram auction

Under placements, once we select the Stories location, it will remain only on that location and we will not be able to post in more locations:

instagram place

You can select the image in 1080 (width) at 1920 (height) pixels, or video (16: 9 aspect ratio) up to 15 seconds:

singla image

And you are ready to upload, this is how it should look like 

instagram story

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